Feet and Kidneys

I guess in twenty or so years time the internet will be full of blogs by middle-aged men detailing their medical problems. This is not intended to be one of them and my reasons for straying to this topic should become clear later.
A few years ago I managed to snap the tendons in both my legs. Nothing to do with martial arts practice, just something that happened one day. I discovered it was quite possible to limp with both legs at the same time. Fast forward a few years and the tendons don’t heal straight because I am naturally flat-footed. Now the flat feet are bothering me because my tendons are not straight. It does have a certain symmetry!
Recently the left foot has been getting worse and I have been troubled by pains in the kidney region. In a previous post I related an amusing incident while I was at the urology department. A letter arrived recently telling me that while my kidneys had stones and cysts it was unlikely these were responsible for the pain. The specialist had noted my limp and leg problems and wondered if these may be putting pressure on my spine.
Then the other night, reading a martial art related book I came across the following diagram:

Nearly kicked myself for not making the connection before! The Acupressure Kidney Meridian starts on the sole of the foot. That blue dot is right where I usually experience pain from my foot.
Could it be the reason I have been experiencing pain in the kidney region is because my foot problems are adversely stimulating my kidney meridian? My podiatrist had told me to rub the sole of my foot more often. I am going to try this and see if the back pains are reduced.