"Crash Combat" Released!

I mentioned in a recent post that much of my keyboard time had been spent on a new project.
Back before “Attack, Avoid, Survive” was published someone suggested to me that I rewrite it with a more military orientated slant. For a number of reasons I decided against this. My blog on a curriculum for a crash course on close combat caused me to revisit the idea of a military-orientated book. I’ve added the finishing touches just today.
This is not a condensed version of “Attack, Avoid, Survive”. The new book includes some unique content and is written from a different perspective. Attack, Avoid, Survive covers so of the topics in greater depth however. The two are complimentary.

          You can buy your copy here.
Here’s the blurb:
Despite the military technology now available the modern fighting man often encounters potential enemies at close range. When his weapons fail or shoot dry he has only his skills and his comrades to keep him alive.
Crash Combat has been designed to give the serviceman a sound foundation in close combat even if only a few days have been allocated for such training. Included within this book are:
·         Rifle Fencing. Firearms without bayonets can still be effective.
·         Unarmed Hand Techniques. How to avoid breaking your own hand.
·         Realistic Kicking Techniques.
·         Escaping the Grabber.
·         Ginga.
·         Long Har Chuan.
·         Defensive and Offensive Knife Techniques.
·         Effective Use of the Baton.
·         Machetes, Kukris, Goloks and other longer blades.
·         Fighting with the Entrenching Tool.
·         The fast way to understand Throwing Technique.
·         Breakfalls and similar techniques.
·         Sentry Elimination and Capture.
·         Anatomy for Warfighters.