Hazing again

Returning to the subject of hazing (kasumi) I came across this rather nice article by  Don Rearic. This includes a couple of tricks I missed out, such as using a flashlight. Some good advice on the use of pepper sprays too. In Black Medicine IV N.Mashiro offers similar advice and also suggests sprays can be used held over the head to keep them out of reach of attackers.
Kasumi means hazing or obscuration, while metsubushi means “eye-crusher” or “sight destroyer”. I tend to think of kasumi as the tactic and metsubushi as the devices, but effectively the two terms are interchangeable as far as I am aware.
I also came across this rather nice video.
These are obviously very high level ninja judging by their very effective disguises as young boys. Joking aside, quite a few posters on youtube could learn from these two. The speak clearly and concisely with no excessive um-ing and ah-ing and no long tedious preamble. And they are experimenting and trying stuff out, so good for them! -but perhaps wear goggles next time, lads.