A Possible Con trick?

A friend of mine went out for a bite to eat and a quiet drink the other night. When he came back he did not look too good.
As the bar was closing a girl sitting outside collapsed. According to her sister she had been taking drugs. They had brought something that allegedly was “MDMA”. I say allegedly since a friend of mine was once concerned with analysing a large number of MDMA samples taken as evidence. The majority of them contained very little, if any MDMA but contained a lot of other things, many of them quite unpleasant or harmful.
As my friend and another customer attempted to help the girl she stopped breathing several times. My friend was able to get her breathing again by using artificial respiration. An ambulance arrived and the girl and her sister were taken away.
My friend felt that he had panicked a little and could have done more. I pointed out to him that he had undoubtedly saved her life and that at least he had done something positive when challenged. Some people would have run around like headless chickens. Some would probably have stood around videoing it on their phones. I did joke with him that in some countries he would now be sued by the girl for malpractice and sexual harassment! A joke sadly too close to the truth.
This had not been his only adventure that night. Minutes before this a fight had broken out in the bar between the landlord and a customer and my friend had helped keep them apart. What is interesting about this is the fight broke out a closing time with very little apparent cause. After they were separated the customer reached inside his jacket and produced a pair of broken glasses from his pocket. He then began to claim that the landlord had broken these in the fight and that he wanted compensation for them.
Certain aspects of how this was described to me suggest this might be a variation of an old con trick. Something to watch out for.