Attack, Avoid, Survive: Global Edition released.

As some of you already know, the rewrite of Attack, Avoid, Survive has just been released. This is a shade over five years since the original was first printed. What has changed and why is the new “Global edition” better?
One of the main changes is that I have reformatted the text so that the font is slightly larger but I can get twice as much text on a page. Since the new copy has nearly eighty extra pages you are effectively getting 50% more book than in the previous edition. The new edition contains considerable additional content. This includes new techniques, new applications for the “old” techniques and nearly twenty extra illustrations. Various sections have been rewritten or expanded. There are even brand new sections on topics such as handcuffing and the use of flashlights. This edition also includes more cross references so you can more easily find illustrations or passages referred to elsewhere in the text.
It has been a couple of months since Crash Combat when on sale and a number of copies have been sold. The two books have been written to be complimentary. Many of the topics that I could only briefly touch on in Crash Combat are dealt with in more depth in the global edition of Attack, Avoid, Survive. Crash Combat is not, however, a slimmed down version of Attack, Avoid, Survive. It contains content and techniques not covered in the larger book.
I hope you enjoy the books.