Introduction to Phillosoph

This blog was originally on “Blogger/ Blogspot”. Behavior of that site has always been eccentric, graduating to “nightmare” if the page had any tables! Add to this the compulsory “improvements” that often made things worse, and I gave up. I also became aware that no one on Blogger owns their content and Google can dump any of your content at will. In these days of political-correctness book-burning, I have probably already made someone’s list, so I decided it was time to get before I got got! For a very brief time the blog was on Infinity Free, but that was unreliable.
Some of the images got misaligned in the transfers, and some of the older pages still have the awkward formatting inflicted on them by Blogger, but please bear with me. I am trying to work through the links and pictures that got broken in the shifts.
Full disclosure, I originally started the blog to promote my books. The blog turned out to be a good way to get ideas out of my head (writing is a form of exorcism!). Some of these posts have helped, intrigued, educated or just amused. Please consider buying the books or making a donation. I now have to rent a server and will not be able to continue unless I get more sales and donations.
I am trying out Amazon Associates. If you have business for Amazon USA or UK I would very much appreciate if you go via my blog. Especially if you want a copy of “Anatopismo” or “Hell-Ay: Angel Town”. These are only available from Amazon so if you go from here I get more income without it costing you any extra.