My Left Pocket: Epilogue

An amusing little endnote to my previous post.
Last night I walked into my local takeaway. My iPod is hanging around my neck.
“That is exactly what I need!” enthuses one of the staff. “I am always losing my phone.”
“It’s a shoelace.” I explain.
“Where did you get it?”
“Er, my pocket.”
I have to explain that one day my headphones had broke.
The only replacements I had had too short a lead for me to use them and place the iPod in a pocket.
So I had fished a shoelace out of my pocket, tied it into a sort of net around the device and hung it around my neck with another shoelace.
The only later improvement was replacing the second lace with a badge lanyard I had in a drawer.
I end up reaching into my left pocket and demonstrating that I really was the sort of person who walks around with old shoelaces in his pocket.
I explained the technique was very simple, and was actually just a modified bottle hitch or parcel tying method. (even though it looks like my iPod is into Japanese bondage). 
Figure Eight Can Sling Method
I informed the lady there were doubtless lots of websites that could show her the knots, and also lots of interesting decorative knots too (for her phone that is, although that statement is also doubtless true of Japanese bondage too).
She suggested she could use ribbons, and that is a nice idea.