The Sun

There is an advert running currently for the Sun newspaper listing all the allegedly good things the Sun does. The first line is “From supporting our troops…”
This is the same newsgroup that considered it acceptable to hack the phones of bereaved families of British Soldiers killed in action.
As the ever entertaining ARmy Rumour Service terms it:
A newspaper in only the loosest possible way… think total slapper, takes-it-in-every orifice, : spit-roasting loose. The Sun caters to those who vocabulary is in the 400 word range. Also known colloquially as the 'Currant Bun', 'The Scum', 'The Snu' or 'The Stun'. The Sun is read by people who don’t care who runs the country, as long as she’s got big tits.
Rubber Dick
The sun is a foreignowned tabloid that styles itself as the forces' newspaper, while gleefully taking each and every opportunity to slip us the Rubber Dick, usually in relation to affairs between married soldiers. They are, of course, quite entitled to take a lofty moral stand, as it would be quite unthinkable for such shenanigans to occur within a newspaper office.
While maintaining an outwardly patriotic and even nationalist editorial line, it aspires to influence political discourse in this country to benefit the bottom line of a foreign media conglomerate. In a nutshell it's read by mongs, chavs and tossers in white vans – the self-same, face-painted, stout yeomen of Merrie Ingerlund that can be seen wrecking bars and restaurants on the continent in the name of 'patriotism'.
Seriously, if you are buying still the Sun, please think twice about what you are condoning. Save your money and read a book instead.
A Sun reader, according to the Sun itself. Tiny brain, hands bigger than their cock and knuckles that can drag on the ground. Source: The Sun.