Serenity Plus Lock Pick Kit.

Finally acquired the last component for my locksport kit, so it is time for a quick show and tell. I have come to think of this as my “Serenity Plus” kit.

The Dangerfield pouch that was provided with the Serenity kit as a free upgrade. Note that I have added a small Photon II-style light to the zip-pull. Also notice the home-made red filter made from a red drinking straw and electrical tape. I usually watch TV with the lights off. The light lets me select a pick from the case if I feel like picking a lock during the advertisements.

The pouch opened. Note that I have lined the pouch with red painted plastic backing. Appropriately enough these were created from security key cards, painted with red enamel paint. An elastic hair band has been cut and glued in position to hold the turning tools and hybrid picks. Not clear in the photo is that the right side includes a couple of hair pins, useful for making small turning tools, opening handcuffs and similar.
The right side of the pouch contains rakes and the left side lifters. The distinction between these categories is fuzzy, however. Various lifters can be used to rake or rock, and often this should be the first technique attempted with them. Rakes can sometimes be concentrated on a single binding pin. The Princess and Prince inverted are effectively deep hooks.

The contents of the left side. From the top:
    • Swerve rake from Serenity kit.
    • Bogota triple hump from Serenity kit.
    • Princess rake from Serenity kit.
    • Prince rake from Serenity kit.
    • Snake rakes from SouthOrd. Large, small and angled small.
    • Sandman rocker rake from Sparrow.
    • Octo Rake from Sparrow.
    • Warlock rake from Sparrow.
    • Worm rake from Sparrow.

The all important turning tools:
    • Wide tool made from laboratory spatula.
    • Pair of Soho rakes from Dangerfield.
    • Triple hump Bogota from Dangerfield.
    • Single hump Bogota from Dangerfield.
    • Standard width turning tool made from laboratory spatula. Hooked end designed to open small warded locks.
    • Turning tool made from wiper insert. With standard and narrow heads.
    • Serenity kit turning tool modified to have additional narrow head.
    • Prybar-type turning tool from Serenity kit.

Contents of the right side:
    • Razor pick with home-made protective cover. Note fishing line to prevent loss.
    • Curved Reach Ball hook from Serenity kit.
    • High hook from Serenity kit. (Steep/ Postal hook?)
    • Angled Ball hook from Serenity kit.
    • Half-diamond from Serenity kit.
    • Partial hook from SouthOrd.
    • Half-snowman rake from SouthOrd. Made by filing down SouthOrd’s double-ball pick.

And as a bonus, my set of finger rakes, aka mini-rakes. These do not really fit in the kit but are something you are recommended to acquire. Intended to fit very small locks they work very well in standard sized locks too. Because they are springy they are more scrubbers than rockers. They tend to sell out fast when they are in stock. I’d like to thank Marcus of UK Bump Keys for his efforts to get me a set.
I make that as 28 items. Admittedly, there is some duplication with the turning tools but I do not consider that a bad thing. The half-snowman was an indulgence and just a bit of fun. Many of the other rakes will do anything this pick can, and probably in less time. I brought the snakes since I expected some locks would be difficult to use the Bogotas in. They have not seen much use, and I now have the finger rakes. The Sandman has not seen much use and I suspect it is better suited to American locks. Not found much use for the Swerve rake either. The Octo rake and Warlock, on the other hand, are very impressive. I’d put those on my must-have list right after the Bogotas. I have had little SPP success with the high hook. It has got stuck in a lock at least once! I may file the end round to create a Gonzo-style hook. I have not had much use for the razor pick yet. It only works on certain locks and I have yet to encounter any. Those E&E enthusiasts that think they can open any padlock if they have a razor pick are pr0bably in for a shock!