Christmas Creep: Enough is Enough!

It is called “Christmas Creep”. This is not a character in a film by Tim Burton. It is an unwelcome phenomenon that has become even more apparent this year from last year.
At the start of October I went for a walk and ended up shopping in a supermarket I do not usually use. As I am approaching the check-out I notice signs for mulled wine and a few other traditional Christmas foodstuffs. I have no problem with this. Stocking up early is just prudent, and some years I have got most of my Christmas present shopping done in the previous January. The reason this day sticks in mind is that when I returned home I noticed a Christmas film in the TV listings.

A few days later things gather momentum. Certain TV channels are proudly announcing that they are now showing Christmas movies 24 hours a day. Decorations are going up. Christmas Carols are being played in stores. I don’t listen to the radio often these days but I suspect that certain of them have already switched to their Christmas playlists. Constant adverts for supermarkets urge me to buy food for a meal that is still two months away! It is only October! my brain protests. We had not even had Halloween yet.
Acquaintances on facebook make posts about Christmas. “It is only October/ November” I protest. I get accused of being a Scrooge or a humbug! Complaining about Christmas in December is being a humbug. Not celebrating it in October and November is not being a little corporate bitch-puppet.
Looking at my blog from last year I did note that Christmas was beginning to be promoted in October but things seem way worse this year. Having Christmas items in the shops early is one thing, but trying to start Christmas three months in advance is not. It is not just the stores, but also the TV channels who switched to their Christmas programming in October. One supermarket chain apparently opened their Santa’s Grotto in August!
Christmas does not become more fun if you start it early. Actually one of the best Christmases I ever had was just one day, but that is another story. It is too late this year, but next year let’s keep Christmas in December. If anyone even mentions Christmas before December 1st firmly tell them “It is only October/ November” ; although I suspect next year I will be saying this in September!
Next year I will also adopt a policy of whenever possible boycotting companies that try to promote Christmas before December. I suggest you do the same.