The Emperor’s New Clothes : The Untold Part…

…and after the child had cried out that the emperor had no clothes, he was surrounded by the emperor’s aides and advisors.
“Are you a tailor?” asked one councillor.
“No” said the child.
“Are you a fashion designer or some such?” asked a colonel, “or perhaps have been making clothes for several decades?”
“er, no”
“A fashion writer perhaps?” suggested a major.
The child shook his head.
“Some other branch of the press…?” ventured another minister. Again, the child replied negatively.
The aides huddled together and conferred.
“The emperor does look rather cold!” Observed the child. It is not very warm today. He really should wear something warmer.”
“Enough!” barked a councillor “We have determined that you are not an accredited subject matter expert, nor have you any experience in haute couture. Your opinion is irrelevant!”
With that, the aides walked away. The emperor was allowed to continue his procession. He contracted a nasty chill and died three days later, much to the bafflement of the aides.