Hair, Phones and Attention

Usually I walk my girlfriend to the station, even though it is only a block or so.
For various reasons the other night this was not possible.
As she was leaving she mentioned that she had to text her sister.
“Don’t use your phone on the street” I lectured. “I mean it. Wait until you are somewhere safe.”
The next day a friend of mine coincidentally posted this link up on his page.
The technique shown is an extension of that given against hair grabs in my book.
Using both hands so the elbows shield the face is a good modification, as is ducking under the arm to twist it.
It probably doesn’t matter if you go outside-in or inside-out initially so long as the arm ends up twisted and you on the outside gate.
What is glossed over in this article is that a woman is easier to attack if she is not aware.
Yes, that means that you should not be focusing all your attention on your phone.
Just because you want to do something, does not mean that you should do it or that it is safe to do so.
The big, bad universe cares little for personal desires!