Lock Pick Kit: WIP

I have been planning to do a little “show and tell” piece on my growing lock sport kit. Unfortunately it seems every time I go to do this I think of another thing to address. Currently I have another pick in the post and I am intending to add some narrower and wider tension tools once I source some material. I am planning to make a post specifically on tension tools so it is appropriate that I post these pictures today as a work in progress.
Regular readers will know that I purchased a Dangerfield Serenity kit from UK Bump Keys, who very nicely upgraded the pouch and threw in a pair of Soho picks. To this basic but useful foundation I have added my Bogota set. Both the Sohos and the Bogotas also serve as tension tools. For easy identification the Sohos have been marked with red enamel paint and the Bogotas with blue.
Here is the pouch packed. In the right section are rakes. In the left are the hooks, lifters, tension tools and everything else, such as the Bogotas, Sohos and a razor pick.
The rakes laid out. I thought that the winter sun would be a good time to take photographs but the effect is more artistic than I intended. This will have to serve until the final photography session. From the top:
  • Swerve Rake (Serenity)
  • Bogota Rake (Serenity)
  • Prince Rake (Serenity)
  • Princess Rake (Serenity)
  • Sandman (Sparrow)
  • Trio of Snake Rakes: small, angled small and large (SouthOrd)
I was going to purchase a King and Queen but learnt these are too big for many locks and that the Princess and Prince effectively serve the same function. It may be the King and Queen work better with US locks. See my first post on lock picking for a caution on differences between US and UK/ European/ Japanese locks.
The hooks and lifters:

  • Partial hook (SouthOrd)
  • High hook (Serenity)
  • Angled Reach Ball pick (Serenity)
  • Curved Reach Ball pick (Serenity)
  • Half-Diamond pick (Serenity)
  • Razor pick (Withoutakey)
As you can see, I have expaned this section with a more conventional hook and added a razor pick (note homemade point cover).
The tension tools:
  • Bogota picks
  • Pry bar/ TOK tool (Serenity)
  • Standard L tool (Serenity)
  • Soho picks
The Sohos, Bogotas and L-tool are all the same width. This kit needs some narrower and wider tensioners.
Bogotas, Sohos, Serenity kit and Sandman were all purchased from UK Bump Keys. UK Bump Keys do not sell many “singles” so the SouthOrd picks and razor pick were brought from Withoutakey. Like UK Bump Keys, Withoutakey are a very nice and helpful company to deal with. The free ebook they send for signing up with their newsletter has some interesting stuff on combination locks.