Survival Weapons. Contents.

For those of you who are considering buying my latest book, a quick rundown of what you will find within its attractive green cover should you be wise enough to make the modest investment.

This should need no introduction!
What is survivalism?
A brief account of what survivalism (with a small s) is and what is often mistaken for it.
The Amorality of Gun Control
An updated and improved version of my blog post with a similar title. This has been described as “the facts without the political posturing” and should be required reading for anyone who thinks they have an opinion on gun control.
Gun 101
A very practical and comprehensive chapter on exterior ballistics and other related technical issues a shooter should know about.
Deer Hunting Rifles
A guide to choosing a large game hunting rifle and calibre and load choices. With some information on using a bolt-action weapon for self-protection thrown in too.
A chapter on shotguns, explaining the sometimes complex seeming topics of shot size, choke, barrel length, pellet numbers and conversion from lead to steel shot. Information on shotguns both for hunting and defence. Includes numerous very useful tables of information.
Handguns for Defence
A chapter on selection and use of handguns for defence against both two legged and four legged aggressors. Includes information on snap, point and other sightless methods of fast shooting.
Defensive Rifles
Rifles for self-defence purposes, included fast target acquisition methods. Includes a discussion of common types and selecting the accessories that are most useful. This chapter includes a detailed history of the intermediate round.
A chapter on the essential .22 discussing takedowns, full size rifles and handguns. Includes a discussion of the .22 as an unconventional weapon.
Rifle and Shotgun Slings
A short but useful chapter on how to make the carrying sling of your weapon lighter and quieter. Also includes a discussion on ways to use a sling to improve the accuracy of your shooting.
Accuracy and Sighting
How to sight in your weapon and zeroing range for various weapons. How to adjust fixed or adjustable sights. Types of iron sights and why they are sometimes preferable to scopes. Selecting a scope. Occluded sights, laser sights and removing scope flash.
Survival Knives
The blades you should really be spending your hard earned money on. A handful of knives that will do nearly any job and won’t break the bank. Other useful implements.
Using Knives
How to use bladed tools more effectively and safely.
A detailed chapter on how to sharpen you tools and keep them sharp.
Tactics and Strategy
Because a weapon is of no use if you do not know how to employ it. Some notes and tips on concealment, moving quietly, communicating without words and avoiding the bad guys.
Improvised and Miscellaneous Weapons
Hunting weapons that can be built from found materials and that can keep you alive when your store-brought items are out of reach.
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