Tactical Trowel

As regular readers will know, I am interested in various survival tools and feel that digging ability sometimes does not get the attention that it deserves.
Yesterday, while researching another topic I came across this interesting item.
I like the rubber handguard/ belt hanger, although a more tactical mid-brown colour would be welcome. I am a little baffled by the reversible feature. I’d be quite happy with the hook in just one position and the head and shaft as a single piece. The other main modification I would suggest is that the shaft end in a pommel or similar widening.
I would probably not issue a 13 inch entrenching tool to an infantryman but this could be a good item for combat engineers, survivalists and campers.
The handguard/ belt hanger idea may be worth looking at. An add-on piece that could be attached to larger tools might have potential.