The Battle with My Terrible Enemy Continues!

….or in other words, I still have my cold. Actually it seems to be on the way out. Most of my colds in recent years have been mercifully brief, which I suspect may be due to the protocol I adopt. Since this blog is about keeping you out of harm, I will pass on what I have learnt:
“Feed a Cold” really is good advice. Recent studies seem to indicate food increases levels of gamma-interferon, which is useful in fighting viral infections.
Eat foods containing vitamin C. That taking vitamin C will prevent you getting colds is total bunk, but once you have a cold vitamin C will help you fight it. Usually I would caution you against drinking a lot of fruit juice since they are a way to take in lots of calories without feeling full. If you have a cold calories and vitamin C are what you need so go get a carton. Get some fresh fruit too for deserts and snacks.
Eat curry. Chilli and garlic are both very effective against colds. Turmeric has useful properties too and the onions are even a good source of vitamin C. I’ve been eating curry since this cold hit and it is already on the retreat. A high intake of garlic does seem to have some properties in preventing colds, but use a good deodorant too.
For those really nasty infections that hit your throat, take honey and garlic. Buy a pot of honey and a bulb of garlic. Peel, crush and chop the cloves and place in the honey. Keep in the cupboard until needed. Both honey and garlic have antiseptic properties so take a spoonful when you throat feels bad. It doesn’t taste as bad as you might think and is actually nicer than many throat medicines. Also can be used as a great glaze for grilled chicken, which is why it is in the kitchen and not the medical cabinet!
Oil of Olbas. This is fantastic stuff and a bottle is a permanent part of my travel kit. Sniff the stuff to clear your nose, but make sure it does not touch your skin directly, this is potent stuff! Sprinkle some on your bedcovers and pillow at night. A few drops on the dressing gown when sitting around. Run a hot bath and add a few drops while the water is running