Hayfever Cure.

Luckily I was not bothered by hayfever during my childhood or academic career. Many of my classmates had this added misery as they revised for and sat their exams. I believed that I was not susceptible to hayfever
Things changed when I went out into the big nasty world and took my first full-time job. I was working in the middle of a large country estate. One of the predominant crops in the surrounding fields was rapeseed. While the bright yellow fields were attractive I discovered they induced a hitherto unmanifested hayfever reaction. For weeks I felt like I should scrub at my eyes with a scouring pad.
During this period I had brought myself a book on acupressure. The research that had discovered that acupressure and acupuncture stimulated endorphin production was relatively new at the time. That didn’t sound like anything that would help with an immune reaction like hayfever but there was an entry for hayfever in the book. Not expecting much, I gave it a try.
Below is the page showing points that I used. Note the pencil drawing on the left. This was copied from another book and shows some points to stimulate around the eyes.
Much to my surprise, the next day my symptoms were gone! Several decades have pasted and my hayfever has not returned. OK, perhaps I tend to sneeze a bit more often during summer, but nothing like the torment I was undergoing.
Since it is now hayfever season in the northern hemisphere this seems like a good time to pass on this knowledge and hope that it works as well for some others.