What Will this Blog Be About?

According to the advice I have seen a good blog should keep to a particular interest. How likely that will be for me in practice remains to be seem. We will probably investigate a few side trails every now and them, but hopefully will never lose sight of the main path totally.
A little over a year ago I published my book, “Attack, Avoid, Survive : Essential Principles of Self Defence” You can find out more about this book at the webpage here. You can order it from and but I suggest you buy it direct from Lulu since you will save yourself a few quid.
This blog has been created to support this publication. During my research for this book I had to read several hundred books on self-defence, martial arts and the use of weapons and on this blog I will be discussing some of the issues and interesting points that have arisen. I will also be expanding on topics and subjects covered by the book, adding additional artwork and even some thoughts on additional techniques. I will also be diverting into related issues so do not be surprised if I verr off into discussions on weapons in science fiction, video games and movies. There will be book reviews too
To close, an illustration that did not make it into the first edition of the book.