Items for a Daysac, the photoshoot.

Some photos of the daysac kit I discussed yesterday. I will stress some other items are likely to be added as suits the intended trip. Currently the bag and the contents shown weigh about 5½ lbs with the waterbottle empty.  

Clockwise, from the top.
Red and black item is the keffiyeh. A hank of paracord and one of general purpose string rests on top.
The green item to the left and beneath the keffiyeh is the All-weather blanket. The trainer laces visible are attached to the AW blanket grommets.
To right of keffiyeh in white plastic bag is a toilet roll. Beneath this is a pack of disposable lighters. Only two will be carried and a couple of nightlight candles added.
The lighters and toilet roll are on top of my boonie hat
Under the boonie hat is a 3 litre Platypus waterbottle with drinking tube.
On top of the waterbottle is a pair of poundstore gloves and a headover to the left of them.
Left of the waterbottle and resting on the AW blanket is a pac-a-mac
The daysac is on the far left with the first aid kit on top. Above is the whistle/compass/thermometer/LED light/magnifier/mirror thing that I use as a zipper pull.
Not shown above: Pencil, candles and hand-crank LED flashlight. I forgot to take them out of their compartment for the photo!

A photo of the first aid pouch contents and the other side of the whistle thing.
The pouch came with a pair of clean disposable gloves in a small bag, visible top-middle. Bottom right is the rest of the contents the pouch came with. Some plasters, tape and absorbent materials. I cannot recall if the alcohol wipes came with the pouch or I added them later. These items will be placed in a better ziplock bag since this one has torn.
The contents I added: Painkillers and diclofenac. Tin of Vaseline. More plasters.