A friend (Dean) sent me this interesting article on how Al Qaida are attempting to evade drones.
I forwarded it to my friend Nate, and he sent back this amusing skit:

"It's the first time someone has bought such a large amount," said the mat seller, Leitny Cisse al-Djoumat. “They didn't explain why they wanted so many.”

“The large elephant grass mat.”
“That’s Somali. You can use that as an area rug or a tablecloth.”
“The bundle of sticks."
“These are brand new, we just got them in. You can use them to prop up a rug and make an awning. You can't miss. Anything else?”
“Yucca weave mat with watertight weave.”
“Hey, just what you see, pal.”
“The square grass mat.”
“You know your grass mats, buddy. Any one of these is ideal for beautifying your home. So, uh, which will it be?”
“I’m gonna close early today. There’s a 15-day wait for me to weave the big rugs but the small ones you can take right now. …And you have these to fill out too.”
(begins strapping mats to his car)
“You can’t do that.”