Cardloss Hotline Numbers and IMEIs

The other week I wrote about keeping a record of some important numbers. Chances are many of you have not yet got around to doing this yet. Some of you will have overlooked my post since it was apparently about Handbag theft and you don’t carry one.
While you are sat at the computer I want you to look up the hotline numbers for cardloss for your bank(s). Enter these numbers into the contacts of your phone and do not forget the international hotlines. If your partner uses a different bank, note the numbers for them too. If you are using your own computer save these numbers in a document file.
While you still have those numbers handy, write them down on a piece of paper. Write down your account number(s) and sort code as well. Also copy that information into your computer file
Now I want you to take your phone and enter *#06# into the keypad. The number that comes up will be you IMEI. Copy that down on your piece of paper and also into your computer file. If no number comes up then check on-line on how to get the IMEI number for your particular model of phone.
Take your piece of paper and fold it up so the writing is protected. This gives me the excuse to post a way to fold an envelope from your piece of paper. Tuck the note into your wallet or another safe place on your person. Make a duplicate(s) and place in your bag or car as you wish.
If your phone is lost or stolen you have the information you need with you. If your cards get lost but you still have your wallet, bag or phone you have the numbers you need ready to use as soon as possible.
This is a simple but very useful precaution.