When Sneakers Matter More Than Schoolkids

        Those of you who have purchased my second book will have heard this story before.          Many years ago I was watching a documentary about the then newly non-communist Russia and the problems it was having. The section I most remember is when the BBC journalist did his obligatory wet blanket bit and declares in shock:

        “You have armed guards outside the children’s school!”

         An equally shocked Russian grandmother asked him :

        “You would send your children to school that did not have guards?!”

         Once more there has been a shooting at a school and once more the tragedy is being exploited to push anti-gun agendas.
Gun laws do not make people safer. Laws are not a magic incantation that will make a thing no longer exist. We have anti-drug laws yet still have widespread drug abuse. Prohibition made alcohol illegal yet did nothing to reduce alcohol consumption. Organised crime will doubtless be eager to supply and manufacture illegal firearms once there is a market among criminals.

         Banning guns is not what we should be talking about. Even if all the guns vanished overnight, there are still axes, butcher knives, chainsaws and a host of other things a malcontent can use for harming the defenceless. 

         Go to the shopping mall and you will see armed security guards. Go to a school or university and you will see…? What does it say about us that we defend shops full of training shoes and flatscreens with armed guards while we are willing to leave our children undefended?