On Prejudice.

“Prejudice” is a word I expect we will be hearing a lot over the next few months, so I would like to share an observation. 
“Prejudice” derives from “pre-judged”. A good definition may be making up your mind before you have all the facts, or in spite of the facts. Many people who claim they oppose prejudice are quite happy to hold prejudiced views about groups they do not like. We see open prejudice against groups such as law-abiding gun owners. This is considered permissible.
The “logic” is that anyone who owns a weapon is potentially a killer and murderer. If we continue with this train of logic it will also be recognized that all men are potential rapists, all women are potential whores and all parents are potential child abusers.
If I were to make the statement that “Hilary Clinton is potentially a whore and a child abuser” many people would be offended but I am only applying the same treatment that she and other gun abolitionists apply to others. I hope this gives you pause for thought.
If you wish to oppose prejudice, make sure you yourself are not really perpetuating it.